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Vehicle Remote Starters

Remote car starter systems are very popular aftermarket automotive accessories and there are systems available for virtually every modern vehicle. These systems provide a convenient comfort by allowing the consumer to normalize the vehicle's internal temperature before getting in to drive. Furthermore, some consider these systems an essential safety feature in that they can allow a windshield to thaw on a cold winter morning, or prevent a child from being burnt by a hot seat belt on a hot summer day.

With advancing technology, remote start manufacturers have been able to drastically simplify a once complicated and frustrating installation process.    There are many different types of remote start systems available and determining the best option for each application can be frustrating and time consuming.

Remote Starter Types

OEM Remote Start For 2008 Dodge RAM 2500/3500 Plug-n-Play - Diesel Only - MyPushcart


OEM Add-on remote start systems use the vehicle's pre-existing remote control system to start the car, and therefore does not include remotes or an antenna. Once installed, the user will push a simple sequence of buttons on the factory remote to start the car (e.g lock x 3, or lock-unlock-lock).


  • This type of system will not require carrying an additional key fob for operation (this is especially relevant for vehicle that have the key built into the key fob)
  • This system is typically less expensive than other types of systems


  • Since the system works off of the factory keyless entry system the range of operation is limited to the range of the factory system, which is usually only a couple hundred feet.
  • Some vehicle makes (e.g. Honda, Toyota) have a keyless entry systems that are disabled if the vehicle is running.  This means that if you remote start your car, you will have to use the key to manually unlock when you get in. 


These kits use a simple dedicated 1-button remote to start the car.  The remote is typically small and easy to use.  In most cases, this type of system functions only as a remote starter, but with some vehicles they can be wired to unlock the doors when the button is held down.


  • Increased range of operation compared to the "add-on" systems
  • Simple operation with minimal "clutter" added to your key chain


  • 1-button keyless entry function does not work in all vehicles.


These are full feature remote start systems that come with aftermarket key fobs that replace the function of the factory remote.  Using the new fobs the user can start, lock, and unlock the car.  Many systems also have an additional channel that can be used for trunk release.


  • These systems usually have a large range of operation
  • The remotes are fully functional and can completely replace the factory remotes


  • This type of system is not practical when the factory fob has a built-in key.
Plug-n-Play 4-Button 2-Way Remote Start Kit For 2016 Lexus RC300 - T-Harness - MyPushcart


2-way remote start systems are an upgraded version remote start & keyless entry systems.  They include a remote that has 2-way communication with the remote start brain in the vehicle.  The remote will receive information about the status of the vehicle (e.g. whether the vehicle has started successfully) and signal the user via "beeps" for vibration. 


  • The user can get information about the status of the vehicle from the 2-way remote
  • These systems usually have a long range of operation


  • These systems are more expensive that other types of remote start systems
2-Way LCD Remote Start Keyless Entry Kit - MyPushcart


Some systems include an alarm for auto security along with the remote start. A siren and shock sensor is included in addition to the remote start components.  These types of kits may be available as a standard full feature system with keyless entry, or as a 2-way system.


  • Remote start, security, and keyless entry functionality can all be controlled with one remote
  • These systems usually have a long range of operation


  • Remote start & alarm combo systems are usually more expensive than other types of kits
  • The addition of the auto security requires additional installation and wiring
MPC Smartphone App - Remote Start App Use Your Smartphone - (continental U.S. only)


The latest remote start technology includes systems that can be operated using a smart phone app.  Omega Carlink-3G is an upgrade that can be added to any Omega Excalibur remote start system that will allow a user to lock/unlock doors, pop the trunk, start the car, and locate the vehicle using a smartphone from virtually anywhere in the continental United States.


  • Fully functional 2-way communication, keyless entry, remote start and vehicle location all from your smart phone.
  • Nation-wide range of operation -- The system works from virtually anywhere in the continental United States.


  • Operation of the remote start system with the smart phone requires a service plan with a yearly cost.

Benefits of Remote Starters

Remote Starters are one of the hottest technological innovations in the automotive industry. Now, you can start your car easily at one touch with a remote control, which usually comes in an electronic key fob.

Remote starters comprise a convenient feature of modern-day vehicles- warming up your car or defrosting windshield before you go to work on a cold morning.

Due to their affordability and easy installation process, remote starters are becoming extremely popular worldwide. While many new vehicles come equipped with remote starters, you can also have them installed in your existing vehicle. MyPushcart provides detailed step-by-step instructions on how to install a remote starter in your vehicle. Check out our videos.

Installing remote starters provides several benefits to your car. While stepping into a warm or cool vehicle is the major advantage of having a remote starter, here are a few others as well.

Set Your Car to the Desired Temperature

Climate control is one of the main reasons to have a remote starter installed in your car. Remote starters have this convenient feature of warming up your vehicle in the winter and cooling it off in the summer. They make your job easier during harsh temperatures and weather conditions. Having your car warmed or cooled up already saves your time of waiting up to defrost or scrape windows before starting.

No One Can Access Your Vehicle

You can now be peaceful with your vehicle being locked while running without having the keys on it. Whether you’re in your driveway or a parking lot somewhere, no one can access your vehicle while it’s running and you’re not inside it. Isn’t it a great thing?

Another great thing about having remote starters is that they require your vehicle to be locked in order to use them. This way, you can keep your vehicle locked and safe every time you use it.

Bring Convenience

Remote starters save your time and make your trips more convenient by keeping your vehicle running while you have your hands full. Whether you make plans for holiday shopping or other events, getting a remote starter installed in your car offers more convenience.

Add Value

Installing a remote starter in your car adds more value to it. It’s a valuable accessory that many people look for in their new or used cars. It increases the resale value of your car, especially when operated in an extreme climate area. If you wish to sell your car, remote starters make your job easier, and there’s a chance to regain the majority of your investment in it.

Safety & Security

Remote starters in your car provide you safety with starting your vehicle from a distance while going out at night. You can check if anyone is around or approaching your vehicle from a distance and unlock your vehicle. Remote starters ensure peace of mind and safety while allowing you to survey an area and approach the vehicle quickly.

Besides these significant benefits, remote starters also help in many other things such as:

  • They help you locate your car in a crowded or large parking lot.
  • Synchronize your vehicle with your smartphone. Integrating a remote starter with a smartphone will unlock a wide array of features like controlling your car with your touchscreen.
  • Monitor your car’s movements with GPS tracking at all times. This will help keep track of your car when you let anyone borrow.

All in all, remote starters improve the general quality of your life. How we begin our morning can have a huge impact on our day, and getting into the car with the desired temperature on a warm or cool morning will set a positive tone every day.

If you wish to have this wonderful and valuable accessory in your car, MyPushcart helps you set up the best remote starter in any vehicle you have. Whether you want to just warm-up or cool off your car or add an additional safety feature, remote starters are the best option.

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Is it worth installing remote start?

Installing a remote start system on your vehicle is a smart investment that provides you with convenience, greater security, safety, and comfort. You can avoid suffering from a too cold or too warm vehicle every morning as it helps you set the desired temperature remotely. Also, say goodbye to trying to locate your vehicle in a large or crowded area with a remote starter.

Is remote start bad for your battery?

A remote starter doesn’t damage your battery. Instead, it provides great benefits to your vehicle. Proper installation of remote starters helps avoid a premature battery drain out and damage to the electrical system.

Is remote start bad for your engine?

No. A remote start is actually good for your engine and beneficial for your car. Allowing your car to warm up and preheat before driving will enhance your drive train and make your engine last longer.

How much does remote start cost?

The cost of a remote start varies depending on the make, year, and model of the vehicle. On average, a basic, short-range remote start will cost from $250 to $400 to install on a non-luxury vehicle.

Can you put a remote start in an older car?

Older cars normally don’t have this remote start feature like modern vehicles. However, you can add a remote starter to your existing vehicle in the form of an electronic key fob.

What cars come with factory remote start?

Many modern vehicles come with a remote start setting up these days. This system allows the drivers to conveniently lock or unlock and start their cars remotely. Some of the modern cars that come with factory remote start include:

  • 2020 Honda Accord
  • 2020 Hyundai Sonata
  • 2020 Acura TLX
  • 2020 Subaru Legacy & Tribeca
  • Nissan Altima
  • Ford Mustang
  • Chevrolet Camaro
  • 2010 Lexus RX 11, etc.
What are the signs of a bad starter in a car?

The following symptoms will show you the signs of a bad starter in a car.

Engine not turning over. It is the most common indicator of a problem with your remote starter. When you turn your key, you’ve got lights, but nothing happens.

The remote starter engages but doesn't spin the motor.

Leaves a grinding noise when you try to start the vehicle.

Smelling or seeing smoke while starting your car.

Can I install a remote starter myself?

Yes, it is possible for you to install a remote start yourself. MyPushcart helps you install a remote starter to your vehicle with its easy installation videos. We have remote starter installation videos for different types and models of cars that you can refer to and use for installation.

Is a remote start bad for your car?

No, it is a myth that a remote start will damage your car or engine. In reality, remote starters are beneficial for your engine with their pre-heating and pre-cooling properties. However, make sure the remote starters are of a high-quality system and are properly installed.

If you are looking to buy a remote starter for your vehicle, pick the best remote car starters from MyPushcart at reasonable prices.