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Remote car starter systems are very popular aftermarket automotive accessories and there are systems available for virtually every modern vehicle. These systems provide a convenient comfort by allowing the consumer to normalize the vehicle's internal temperature before getting in to drive. Furthermore, some consider these systems an essential safety feature in that they can allow a windshield to thaw on a cold winter morning, or prevent a child from being burnt by a hot seat belt on a hot summer day.

With advancing technology, remote start manufacturers have been able to drastically simplify a once complicated and frustrating installation process. There are many different types of remote start systems available and determining the best option for each application can be frustrating and time consuming.



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OEM Remote Start For 2008 Dodge RAM 2500/3500 Plug-n-Play - Diesel Only - MyPushcart


OEM Add-on remote start systems use the vehicle's pre-existing remote control system to start the car, and therefore does not include remotes or an antenna. Once installed, the user will push a simple sequence of buttons on the factory remote to start the car (e.g lock x 3, or lock-unlock-lock).


  • This type of system will not require carrying an additional key fob for operation (this is especially relevant for vehicle that have the key built into the key fob)
  • This system is typically less expensive than other types of systems


  • Since the system works off of the factory keyless entry system the range of operation is limited to the range of the factory system, which is usually only a couple hundred feet.
  • Some vehicle makes (e.g. Honda, Toyota) have a keyless entry systems that are disabled if the vehicle is running.  This means that if you remote start your car, you will have to use the key to manually unlock when you get in. 


These kits use a simple dedicated 1-button remote to start the car.  The remote is typically small and easy to use.  In most cases, this type of system functions only as a remote starter, but with some vehicles they can be wired to unlock the doors when the button is held down.


  • Increased range of operation compared to the "add-on" systems
  • Simple operation with minimal "clutter" added to your key chain


  • 1-button keyless entry function does not work in all vehicles.


These are full feature remote start systems that come with aftermarket key fobs that replace the function of the factory remote.  Using the new fobs the user can start, lock, and unlock the car.  Many systems also have an additional channel that can be used for trunk release.


  • These systems usually have a large range of operation
  • The remotes are fully functional and can completely replace the factory remotes


  • This type of system is not practical when the factory fob has a built-in key.
Plug-n-Play 4-Button 2-Way Remote Start Kit For 2016 Lexus RC300 - T-Harness - MyPushcart


2-way remote start systems are an upgraded version remote start & keyless entry systems.  They include a remote that has 2-way communication with the remote start brain in the vehicle.  The remote will receive information about the status of the vehicle (e.g. whether the vehicle has started successfully) and signal the user via "beeps" for vibration. 


  • The user can get information about the status of the vehicle from the 2-way remote
  • These systems usually have a long range of operation


  • These systems are more expensive that other types of remote start systems
2-Way LCD Remote Start Keyless Entry Kit - MyPushcart


Some systems include an alarm for auto security along with the remote start. A siren and shock sensor is included in addition to the remote start components.  These types of kits may be available as a standard full feature system with keyless entry, or as a 2-way system.


  • Remote start, security, and keyless entry functionality can all be controlled with one remote
  • These systems usually have a long range of operation


  • Remote start & alarm combo systems are usually more expensive than other types of kits
  • The addition of the auto security requires additional installation and wiring
MPC Smartphone App - Remote Start App Use Your Smartphone - (continental U.S. only)


The latest remote start technology includes systems that can be operated using a smart phone app.  Omega Carlink-3G is an upgrade that can be added to any Omega Excalibur remote start system that will allow a user to lock/unlock doors, pop the trunk, start the car, and locate the vehicle using a smartphone from virtually anywhere in the continental United States.


  • Fully functional 2-way communication, keyless entry, remote start and vehicle location all from your smart phone.
  • Nation-wide range of operation -- The system works from virtually anywhere in the continental United States.


  • Operation of the remote start system with the smart phone requires a service plan with a yearly cost.
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