My Car in Farm Country

Sep 13, 2023

My always-dirty windshield

It seems that no matter how hard I try to keep my car shiny and clean, there is one part that stays dirty most of the time-my windshield. Just when I think I've got it spotless, I find myself on a gravel road, on a muddy path by the river, or driving through the swampy delta. (Don't ask.) Combine the dirt, bugs, and debris, and you have a stuck-on mess that windshield wiper fluid alone cannot conquer.

A dirty windshield is a constant source of frustration, running the windshield wipers and sprayer, only to have them barely touch the baked-on crusty stuff, generally just smearing it around. I've tried different types of wiper fluid, but they all seem to work about the same. MPC has come up with a way to enhance your wiper fluid – HEAT IT!

The Solution

The  Hydroblast Heated Washer Fluid System installs easily onto your existing wiper fluid system. All you have to do is press your washer spray button like normal. The unit draws cold washer fluid in from your existing reservoir, heats it, and sends it out through your washer's spray nozzles. The washer fluid heats to 140o Fahrenheit. By the time the water leaves the nozzles, it has cooled enough to prevent damage to your windshield. But is still warm enough to get the stuck-on grime. After about 4 seconds of spray, the water will be heated and ready again in 10-20 seconds.

The heated wiper fluid also keeps wiper blades cleaner and performing at their best. Of course, the most exciting advantage of having heated wiper fluid is during the winter. Deicing and dissolving road salts is so much easier and faster with the heated water.

I look forward to trying this feature in the coming months. Even when driving in the cold weather, this will prevent wiper fluid from freezing on my window and obstructing my view. (I've had to pull over at times until the window is clear.)

One big issue in farm country is the flocks of grackles (or other birds). With the  Hydroblast, I'll be able to clean up the considerable mess they make on my windshield. Typically, this is impossible without lots of scrubbing. But with the heated water, I should be able to get it off without having to get anywhere near it.

Easy Install, Universal Fit

I was pleased to learn that the Hydroblast will work with my car even though it already has a heated windshield and heated nozzles. The heated water will enhance these features. (The only car in which this will not work is one with a "fixed volt" electrical system.)

Product highlights:

  • Technical support included
  • universal fit
  • works with any washer fluid
  • mounts in any position, even vertically
  • tubing and wiring harness included
  • dimensions: 7-9/16"W x 3-3/4"H
  • easy installation

Parts Included:

  • Windshield washer fluid heating module
  • Power/Ground harness
  • (with 5.5' power wire and a 34" ground wire)
  • In-line fuse holder (60A fuse installed)
  • 59" Rubber tube
  • 2 Hose splices
  • Check valve
  • 4 Screws
  • 8 Wire-ties