Buying a Remote Starter Kit? Here are the Parameters You Need to Consider

Sep 13, 2023

It is undeniably true that there have been a lot of technological marvels that have made cars exceedingly comfortable, safe, affordable and awesome… Including but not limited to advancements like the remote keyless starter, anti-lock braking system, and GPS.

What makes these technologies even better and accessible is the availability of third-party aftermarket providers who make it available even for cars that do not have the facility provided by the manufacturer. The after-market remote keyless starter kits can be cited as a good example of how third-party manufacturers and providers make the latest technologies accessible.

However, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There is quite a lot of research that should go into finding out the compatibility and choosing the best and the most suitable remote starter kits for your car.

In addition to a brief introduction of how it works and the key advantages, we have given below, a comprehensive guide to choosing the best remote starter kit for your car.

The advantages

No new technological advancement can stay without providing practical advantages, and the remote keyless starter falls right within this purview.

The first and foremost advantage brought about by remote keyless entry systems is that it helps warm the car's engine on cold mornings. This feature is useful in the winters when the car's engine has to be kept running for a good stretch of time in its idle condition before you start to move the car. It might be an inconvenience to step out and start the car manually, especially when you live in high-rise apartments or places where you have parked the car at a good distance, like office complexes.

The converse of it can also hold true. On hot days, if you can start your car and turn on the air conditioner, you can enter a relatively colder car without going through the pain of getting into a cabin that almost feels like a preheated oven.

A lot of advancements today have meant that the remote starter can sometimes function as a safety alarm for your car as well. Therefore, it is quite understandable that remote starting kits for your car bring a lot of advantages.

Is it a factory feature?

With so many advantages brought about, it is only justified to expect car manufacturers to have this feature packed into what is delivered out of the factory. A lot of car manufacturers have included this feature as a part of their out-of-factory package now.

General Motors introduced this feature way back in 2003 and has been a pioneer and harbinger of the remote starting technology ever since! Some of America's most iconic cars like the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro have a remote starting facility installed into the latest models. A few other American brands like Buick and Cadillac have also brought this feature into their cars.

In line with the United States, Asian manufacturers like Honda, Kia, Hyundai, and Nissan have also brought in remote keyless ignition. With the growing number of electric cars, and with Chevrolet Volt packing this feature right from its base model, you can only expect it to become the order of the day in the near future.

The relevance of aftermarket

It is true that a lot of car manufacturers have started to include remote keyless ignition as a part of their factory package but it does not mean that all manufacturers have done it and in addition, there are a lot of older models that do not have this feature.

Thanks to the availability of technology, there are a lot of third-party aftermarket manufacturers of remote starter kits. This means that you can make your car capable of remote starting irrespective of the brand and the year of make.

However, this is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are different kinds of remote starter kits that are designed to work in different ways. There might not be a single solution for all cars and all key types but there is always something for everything!

The different types of remote starter kits

The remote starter world is an example of how you can find quite a lot of variety in a place where you expect monotony! Given below are the different types of remote starter kits available in the market. We will also guide you on the best remote starter kits that would be suitable for your car… Precisely!

OEM Add-On Remote Start

All of us who have used Windows computers know the awesomeness of the CTRL+ALT+DEL combination. It goes on to prove that you can use an existing set of buttons to invoke a new combination that will trigger a new function.

This is precisely what happens with the OEM add-on remote starters. This system uses the pre-existing remote-control system of your car to start it. All you need to do is push a certain combination/sequence of buttons to remotely start your car… right on the factory-provided remote.

This is probably one of the best options that you can go for when you have a Buick Regal or a Cadillac Escalade. Since it uses the same system as the one provided by the manufacturer, you do not have to include either a new remote or install an extra antenna. Since it is more like a software upgrade, it is one of the least expensive options that you can go for.

However, the range of working is limited to the range of the key system provided by the factory. As a security measure, some car manufacturers like Honda and Toyota have a system where you cannot use remote keyless entry if the engine is running. Therefore, every time you start an engine mostly using the system you will be required to manually open the car to get in.

It is quite evident that the number of advantages outweigh the disadvantages especially considering the cost factor. It is one of the most popular keyless starting systems available in the market today.

The OEM Add-On Remote Start is quite likely to work with most of the cars, and if your car has some remote key functionality as a part of its factory-provided accessories, this one should surely work for you. If you are looking for remote starter kits for the classic tough machines in the likes of Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Tacoma & Highlander, Ram 1500 or mid-range American and European cars like the Cadillac ATS, and the Buick Encore, the OEM Add-On Remote Start would be an ideal choice.

1-button remote start

Remember the time when the iPhone was introduced? What made it an instant hit was its simplicity! This is the same with the single button remote starter Kit. The remote, has intended, starts the car engine remotely but the greatest advantage here is that the starting is executed by the press of a single button on a small piece of hardware.

The cars like the Jeep Wrangler, the Ford F-150, and the Lexus RX350 can use 1-button remote starter kits. This model presents a great advantage over the previous – a massively increased range. In addition, the reduction of clatter makes using this device a child’s play… Literally. However, this option might not work on all vehicles as they have to be compatible with a new piece of hardware.

You can see that the single button remote start is compatible with a wide range of cars, but the only stumbling block is that your car needs to be compatible with the new piece of hardware. This essentially puts the cars that aren’t too old and aren’t too new in the comfort-zone. They would be designed to accommodate a new hardware, but at the same time, be not too stringent to keep their functions reserved for the native hardware alone!

Remote start with keyless entry

We have always loved innovations that integrate the awesomeness of technology with the feel of the classics, right? This is probably why the Amazon Kindle is more popular among readers than the Apple iPad – they do not want to compromise on the feeling of touching a paper and the visual input of a print.

A lot of car enthusiasts were fascinated by keyless entry! If they do not want to compromise on keyless entry for the want of killer remote start, they can go for a device that offers a combination of both! The remote start with keyless entry is a complete aftermarket system that functions not only as a remote starter but also as a remote device for locking and unlocking the cars. Some devices even have a facility for releasing the trunk.

Models from Ford seem to have a special looking for the keyless entry remote start systems. Almost all the flagships of Ford like the Mustang, the F-150, the F-250, and the Escape work with remote start with keyless entry.

They present a greater range of operation than the single button system. They are designed to replace the keys provided by the factory, again making it a single hardware solution unlike the previous option. However, this option might not work and might not be practical when the fob provided by the factory has a built-in key.

Given this option, it is quite evident that this moral might work with possibly all cars that do not provide a key with the key fob.

2-way remote start

Well… You have pressed a button and you expect the car to start for the press of a button. Do you know whether the intended action was executed? Maybe not!

What if there was a mechanism in place to let you know that the car engine has started and successfully running? This is what precisely happens with the 2-way remote start option. This device facilitates a two-way communication and it incorporates a feedback mechanism which lets you know if the vehicle has started successfully.

This presents a great advantage especially in situations where you are not completely aware of and confident about the range of the remote starter. The feedback mechanism is usually a beep on the key fob or a vibration that lets know that the car has started. However, this option can be typically more expensive than all the others mentioned above.

Landmark cars from Chevy like the Tahoe, the Trailblazer, and the Silverado can accommodate the system.

Remote start with car-alarm

Car alarms have been an integral security. It is interesting to note that the car alarm was invented by a prisoner in Denver in the year 1913!

Some remote starter systems are designed to accommodate an alarm for the security of your car. The remote starter has a siren and a shock sensor included with the starter components. In most cases, they are available as a part of other keyless starter systems-it may feature keyless entry or a two-way communication or both.

Remote start with car alarm systems present the big daddy of integrating all keyless functionalities like security, entry, and ignition. In addition to this, these systems have an incredibly long range of operation making it extremely relevant for offices and housing communities. One thing to be noted is that if you were to install a car alarm that responds to your remote starter, you will need additional installation and wiring.

Smartphone remote start

Do you want to start your car remotely? Well… There is an app for that!

Given the world of mobile technology and applications where there is an app for everything, remote starting the car should not be an exception. This is one of the latest technologies when it comes to remote starting and it is simple enough to be operated by a smartphone app. The Omega Car link 3G is an upgrade that can be added to any Omega Excalibur remote car starting systems that not only helps you start the car but do literally everything that you might need to do with your car including but not limited to popping the trunk, opening and unlocking doors, starting the air-conditioner, and even locating your car wherever it is in the vast expanse of continental United States.

The great advantage brought about by this device is probably obvious! There is no way you will forget your smartphone, and with an app that will get things done, you do not need a separate piece of hardware at all! Integrating a new functionality would mostly mean a software upgrade and nothing more… Making it extremely versatile and user-friendly.

The 2018 Jeep Wrangler, the Honda CRV and the Acura MDX work with smartphone-based remote starting systems.

It surely sounds far better than taking your car to the service station every time you need an upgrade. Since the car can be located anywhere in continental US, the range of operation is similar as well. It means that you could be sitting in California and you can start your car in Washington! Just like any other interstate communication model, there is a service plan with a yearly cost but the utility that smart phone app-based remote starting brings is surely worth the price!

Should I go for one?

It is understandable that people have always been doubtful about any third-party and aftermarket products, especially when it comes to something as expensive and as dear as your car! This, however, does not mean that all aftermarket parts would damage your car.

This is one of the reasons why we have taken it upon ourselves not only to list and curate but even validate the third-party remote starter kits, grouping it by the car manufacturer, model, and even the year. After all, even you would agree there is a bit of flair in addition to the utility offered by remote starters!

Everybody wants to bring out their small inner share of James Bond in them, right?!