6 Reasons You Need a Remote Car Starter

Sep 13, 2023

A Preheated Drive for Cold Days

Winter mornings can be tough sometimes. Getting up and going to work is hard enough, but with a remote car starter, at least you won’t have to go start the day in a frigid car. You can start your car remotely while you do the rest of your morning routine and you’ll find a warm and cozy car waiting for you.

Defrosting Icy Windshields

The only thing worse than getting into a cold car is finding your windshield covered with frost. You can stand out in the cold and scrape it, but then the inside fogs up as soon as you get in. with a remote start , you can walk out to a defrosted, clear and safe windshield instead.

Better Driving Experience

Regardless if it’s cold outside, it’s always best to have your engine warm up before you go out. Pre-heating the engine beforehand will ensure that you can maintain its lifespan instead of overworking it. If it wasn’t for remote starter kits, you’d have to sit in the car and leave it idling for a little bit. All you have to do is press the button on your remote, give the engine some time to warm up, and then you’re ready to go with no lagging performance.

Ensuring Smooth Function

Pre-heating the engine also aids in better lubrication. Cold weather especially tends to have a negative impact on the process by affecting the consistency of the lubricants. The generated heat will better help the lubricants flow properly and get in between the moving parts. This reduces friction which in turn will ensure less wear and tear on your vehicle, and ultimately save you money in the long run.

Locating Your Car

Parking lots can be a hassle sometimes. Not only is it sometimes hard to find a spot, but it can be even harder to find where you parked later. Having a remote starter kit with the optional smartphone interface fixes this easily. Your smartphone will pinpoint the location of your car within 10 feet.

Better Security

Speaking of smartphones, aside from being able to start your car from almost anywhere, remote start kits with the optional smartphone interface can also lock and unlock your doors from anywhere, so you’ll never lock your keys in the car again. The GPS location feature allows you to track the location of your car anywhere that has cell service. Stalk the kids!


Of all the upgrades for your car, a remote car starter is definitely a worthy investment in the long run. You can get yours today from MyPushcart, where there are many different options for you to choose from. Just make sure to check the compatibility of your car first to make the best decision.